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Dmitry Feld Honored For Amazing Volunteer Service

Dmitry Feld is our Youth Center Board President~and we can not begin to tell you how instrumental he is for our center! He and a fellow teen volunteer were honored recently! Below is the synopsis from the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and Lake Placid News: Congratulations to both outstanding individuals!

Dmitry Receiving His Award

The Tri-Lakes area has an abundance of dedicated volunteers who perform many generous gestures. Two such individuals from Lake Placid will be specially recognized for their unselfish contributions during National Volunteer Week. This annual celebration is observed in the United States and Canada the week of April 23 to 29.

Dmitry Feld and Davey Mihill are the 2017 Adult and Youth (respectively) Distinguished Volunteers of the Year, chosen by the Lake Placid-North Elba National Volunteer Week committee. Both have a long list of volunteer service that has made an impressive impact in their community.

Many of you might know Dmitry. He was born in the Soviet Union, competed in luge, moved to Lake Placid in 1984 and served as a USA Luge coach. He still works for USA Luge in many capacities, but he is able to fit in plenty of volunteering, particularly as president of the Shipman Youth Center. If you have ever attended the I Love NY BBQ Festival and received a bear hug from a smiling man with a Russian accent, that is the lovable Dmitry Feld. He has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for the Shipman Youth Center.

Another cause deep to his heart is helping emigrants and refugees resettle in the region. He is also president of Adirondack Arc, an organization that provides opportunities to those with developmental disabilities. This man, with such compassion, also finds the time to be involved with Haiti Direct Relief International.

Davey Mihill is off to a good start with more than 625 hours of volunteering, helping students of all ages in Lake Placid schools. He will graduate from Lake Placid High School in June and head off to one of the many prestigious colleges that has accepted him. He plans to study visual communications and — we are proud to see — journalism.

Congratulations to both of these high achievers for making a difference in so many lives. While it sounds like they might be sleep-deprived from doing so much, they are certainly loved within their community, and beyond.

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