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Virginia Beach 2018 Day 1

Through the generous gift of donors via the I Love BBQ Raffle Tickets, as well as donors to the Youth Center during spring break the Youth Center was able to take 7 kids who attend the youth center and volunteer for various activities through the year on a 5 day trip to Virginia Beach!

Here are some highlights from day 1

Packed into two cars at 6:15 at the youth center, drove to Albany NY airport to pick up a 15 person passenger Van to travel the rest of the way to Virginia Beach. Stopped along the way for some snacks, and rest stops. Had lunch at a Burger King, and then drove the rest of the way including seeing some amazing bridges and sights! The Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge was the highlight of the trip arriving at dusk. We got to the beach side Springhill Suites Oceanfront Hotel around 8:15 PM and unpacked. Then we headed directly to a pizzeria across the street and had some yummy pizza! Off to bed.

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